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Do you feel stuck in certain areas of your life? Do you experience reoccuring themes; patterns; experiences; or feelings that are no longer serving you? Perhaps you have been experiencing them for as long as you can remember? Or just recently? And perhaps as default; in new steps you want to take in your life; when you are on your own; or in (certain) relationships (with others)?

Do you want change? Then a Transformation Journey can bring a lot for you. A Transformation Journey consists of a series of Multi-Dimensional Healing Sessions. In each session we go on a journey together, deep into your subconscious. To the origin of those themes and blockages that are hindering you in your life. From a safe space, you will see, feel and heal that, which is ready to be transformed. For your highest good. On physical, emotional, mental and energetical levels. 

More people realize that (limiting) beliefs, patterns, coping mechanisms, belief systems, etc., originated to a large extent from our youth. And that (traumatic) (childhood) experiences; the first six/seven years; the family system in which someone grew up; and the influence of educators (such as parents, relatives, and school teachers), all play important roles. What is less known however, is the degree to which our lives are impacted by: trauma's from our ancestors (who are no longer alive); (family) karma; (traumatic) events from other lifetimes and dimensions; and entities. 

During the sessions we do not only pay attention to significant moments from your current life. We go to the origin of certain themes and blockages, which are ready for transformation. There, where the underlying trauma originated. It is good to have an "open mind" here, since the origin is often not, what can be explained from the logical mind. Below I outline a few examples of what has showed itself in sessions with me:

A client experienced difficulty opening her heart in romantic relationships and experienced various heavy feelings. It turned out that she carried the energy of her great-grandmother and -father. They had an illegitimate child, which was absolutely not tolerated at that time. They had to keep it a secret, including their love for each other. Something that took a heavy toll on both of them. After the healing, the client felt that a net around her heart had melted away. A few days later she mentioned that she had never in her life felt so much energy.
A client experienced difficulties in really wanting to be here. It turned out she has been abandoned during her early years in another incarnation - in a differerent place - as part of an initiation for the task she had to do here. During that feeling of abandonment she decided to never do this again and to never go to Earth again. In addition, an entity blocked her connection to Source. After the session she experienced a complete shift, feeling grounded, confident and present, with more self-love and energy.
A client experienced heaviness and tightness in the relationship with one of her best friends, which led to her, giving too much and ignoring her own boundaries and needs. During a session we discovered that, during her birth - in an incarnation as twin sisters - she had given away a part of her life force to her sister. To make sure that her sister could live. At her own expense. After the session, the heavy feelings were gone. And she experienced equality, more life force and a transformation in their mutual bond. 

Each session is unique, magical, touching and beautiful to facilitate. It is not about being able to mentally explain how a certain theme arose. It is about facing, feeling and healing that, which asked to be shifted. And to integrate the lessons learned. And - as goes for everything I have written on this website - "Don't believe anything I say, experience it for yourself".

   Good to know:

  • Online sessions are equally as effective as live sessions.

  • By partnering with our I AM Presence, you will receive exactly that what you are ready for and capable of to handle in the moment and integrate afterwards. It also ensures that I do not work from - or inflict from - my egoic mind. In the "testimonials" section, you can read how others have experienced sessions with me.

  • One session can already have significant positive results. To ensure that we can work in-depth and to create lasting results, I primarily offer "Transformation Journeys": a series of Multi-Dimensional Healing Sessions. With three being the minimum. It is not my aim though, to take clients on "an endless journey of past-life healing sessions". That would be a journey without ending. You can trust that exactly those issues and root causes will show up during our time together, that are most relevant for you. I never do more sessions than we both feel is useful.

  • I only offer single sessions as an exeption, for those who:

    • Are already familiar with multi-dimensional healing work. 

    • Have a specific issue they would like to explore and shift.​​

   Good to know:

  • Online sessions are equally as effective as live sessions.

  • ​​

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