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For whom

For me it feels important that we both feel a 'click' before commiting to work together. The list below, help to assess if there is resonance.

​   In general:

  • You are curious and open minded.

  • You have themes in your life that are hindering you. You want change.

  • You are willing to do your inner work and face your shadows.

  • You have viewed this website and you feel interested in booking a Transformation Journey.

  • If you feel a 'yes' to these points, I could most likely be of service. You can contact me through the Contact Form, by clicking on the button below.

   In addition:

  • In addition to the points above, people come to me who recognize themselves in the following:

  • You feel you are here for a reason. To make a positive contribution to others, nature, animals or the planet as a whole. Maybe you already have found your way. Maybe you are still looking for ways how to do this.

  • You feel connected to the Universe, but experience difficulties to find your way in life. You might regularly feel loneliness, seperation and home sick.

  • You may also experience unsafety, insecurity and fear to make yourself visible, to use your talents and gifts, to step into your power.

  • You experience yourself as (highly) sensitive, empathetic and sensitive to energies.

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