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About me

My name is Richard. Born in the Netherlands in 1983 and blessed as a father. I love exploring, traveling, adventure, energy - & healing work and the unknown. As well as stargazing, sunsets and immersing myself in oceans, power places, mountains and wild nature. I value my alone time for quiteness and inner explorations. And also appreciate in-depth connections with people who share similar interests, intimate connections; and spending time with my son. 

I thoroughly enjoy the magic that can occur from trust, presence and surrender. Whether by myself; through sessions; in connection with others; or at certain locations, for the good of all. 

My life so far feels as one big quest. As a kid I loved the ocean, sunsets and night-skies. And often wondered "what else is out there". As long as I can remember, I wondered "why am I here". As a sensitive and empathic child I experienced difficulties and felt misunderstood by my environment. From a young age, I developed strategies like disassociating, constantly scanning my surroundings for danger, and holding myself back to not draw unwanted attention. 

In my teens, I was able to have fun with friends. But when I was on my own, I often felt different, alone and homesick. Not resonating with the modern Western societal norms at all. Feeling there had to be more to life. I had an interest in the non-physical realms and in topics that could not be explained from the logical mind, which I strictly kept to myself. I disconnected from my interests, when joining Military Academy at age 19. 


In my early twenties I experienced a series of setbacks in almost all areas of my life. I experienced a void within, not knowing what to do with life. I decided to spend every opportunity in my free time, to travel, to workout and to go out. On the surface I lived an adventurous and fun life. And I do have lots of nice memories. Deeper within however, I felt addicted to the seductions and felt something was missing. I battled bore-outs. And numbed my feelings with sex and alcohol, so I did not have to feel the emptiness inside; the lack of self-love and purpose; and that feeling of not really wanting to be here. I was interested in personal development, yet only through the lens of physical and mental toughness.  

In my thirties I wanted to find more meaning to life. My outside world changed a bit. I switched to part-time work and I emerged myself in subjects like mindfullness, NLP, non-violent communication, breathwork, as well as wilderness survival and wilderness guiding. Everything changed for me from age 35. From the darkest depths, my awakening path started. Simultaneously with my former romantic partner. Changing both of our lives for good. It led to an ongoing journey of unexpected adventures; many life transitions; some of my most magical, mystical and beautiful moments; as well as some of my most challenging, painful and difficult ones; and many synchronisities, which I have been following to this day.

It led to many visits by entities; an intimacy retreat; healings; becoming parents; selling our house in order to travel; borders closing; not having a place to live; community life in Friesland; circle work and heart-centered communication; a rough start as new parents; and learning how traumatized and blocked my nervous-system was (and has been).

After another so-called 'Dark Night of the Soul', a whole new chapter started, when I participated in a Transformation Retreat. What happened there for me personally, is material for another story. I realized I had done multi-dimensional healing work before and a new world started to open. Layer by layer. From then on, I continued doing my inner (shadow)work. And in 2021 I signed up for the training Multi-Dimensional Trauma Healing. Themes like loneliness; seperation; tiredness; self-love; self-doubt; not really wanting to be here; and unsafetiness often passed by.

For a long time, I felt blocked in sharing my inner world. I felt shame, for ´not having my life in order´. For sometimes fealing lost in this transformative period in my life. Aloness, for not knowing how to connect with others, or not knowing how to stay in connection with those that could understand. Self-doubt, for not trusting my clear abilities, and that what I experienced. Fear, for being ridiculed. And hesitation and underlying fear for making myself seen and to take space. I cannot count the amount of sessions in which I have seen and healed experiences of myself or others being punished, tortured or murdered. For speaking my truth; showing my love; sharing my wisdom; shining my light; or standing my ground. Slowly, but steadily these blockages started to shift. 

Throughout this period, my life transitions continued as well: the mutual decision to end the romantic partnership; and to succesfully finding different ways to still be there for each other as co-parents, friends and support partners for our life paths; a new temporary place to live in nature; new connections; finding new ways of relating with self; others; intimately; from different roles in life; and to life itself; and a near-death experience in the summer of 2022. 

And by now, I feel thankful for the beautiful and magical sessions I have facilitated so far. For being able to support others in healing parts in themselves. And for finally feeling ready to share some of my stories.  

Regarding the stories: I do not claim to have the answers. I believe everybody has their own path to follow and answers to find. I just have my own personal experiences. Maybe, my experiences can be useful for some. Maybe, someone can recognize him- or herself in some of these stories. And maybe, they can invite someone to open to the magic and mysteries of life. I also do not claim that I am there either. There is enough in myself to face, heal and shift. And I have more then enough to learn, open and discover. I continue to do my inner work and regard this to be a life's work. And I love the magic that comes with it.

I feel grateful for all that happened. For the highs and the lows. It were the darkest moments that have ignited the Light for me. Brought me the greatest gifts. And sparked my inner fire. I feel thankful for the people who showed up in my journey. Some only leaving a breadcrumb. Others having made a direct impact in specific moments. Others traveling along for a while. And I feel grateful to be able to offer my services now. To do my small contribution, in paving the way for future generations, for the good of all. 


Below I have listed the training programs, workshops and retreats that have made a specific impact on me:


  • Multi-Dimensional Group- & Healingwork Facilitator Training - Joanne van Wijgerden (2022-2023)

  • Several workshops & 1-on-1 program - Altazar Rossiter (2022)

  • Pranic Essence Retreat - Brahman Menor (2022)

  • Sound and Nature Retreat - Sounds of Light (2022)

  • Transformation Coach Training (Multi-Dimensional Trauma Healing)  - Bridgeman Academy (2021)

  • Frequency Healing Training - Anke Spriestersbach (2021)

  • Several workshops & 1-on-1 sessions - Rianne Manten (2020)

  • Transformation Retreat - Robert Bridgeman (2020)

  • Breathwork Workshop & -Retreat - Marleen van den Hout (2020)

  • Skills of Partner Love Workshop - Rianne Manten (2020)

  • Wilderness Guide Training Modules - EWES (2019)

  • Insights to Intimacy Retreat - Christian Pankhurst (2019)

  • NLP Practitioner Retreat - NLP Academy (2017)

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