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Thanks for visiting my website. Through this site, I primarily offer intuitive Multi-Dimensional Healing Sessions and Transformation Journeys. In "My Services" you can read more about the type of sessions I facilitate. In the "Testimonials" section, you can read how others have experienced sessions with me. In the "About me" section, I have provided my background story. Soon, I will also upload some personal stories about my own awakening proces; multi-dimensional healing; and my own contemplations, search and journey in life. Enjoy the content and feel free to reach out, by filling in the contact form or by sending an email. 

My Services


Single Healing Session

A single Multi-Dimensional Healing Session (online or live, 90-120 min, in English or Dutch)


Transformation Journey

A series of Multi-Dimensional Healing Sessions (online or live, in English or Dutch)


Status: "Under Inspiration". More info will follow. 

Transformation Weekend

My services


Naam, titel


“I truly loved the magic I experienced in our healing session. I felt safe and guided by your knowing at all times. It was a deep and profound journey for me on so many levels. I could find an explanation of why I am experiencing certain discomforts in my current life by going on a journey in another life of mine where certain things happened that were never resolved and were impairing my current life. A week after our session I could already experience the benefits of it. Whatever was in the way feels dissolved, creating more space and ease within myself. Very grateful to you and your gifts, which I hope larger groups of people may benefit from.”


“Ik heb een hele fijne sessie met Richard gehad. Richard voelt erg goed aan wat nodig is en wist mij op een hele mooie manier naar het issue te leiden dat op dat moment naar boven mocht komen. Het was magisch om te ervaren, voor mij klopte het helemaal. Ik kan Richard van harte aanbevelen. Een krachtige man die met zijn rust en sterke intuïtie super goed in staat is om jou als cliënt te geven wat op dat moment nodig is.”


“Richard belichaamt de kwaliteit om verfijnd en waarnemend te doorzien en te doorvoelen. Deze vaardigheden zijn als van nature aanwezig in zijn energieveld en geven vakmatig bedding aan het faciliteren van diepgaande heling en transformatie-processen. De verbinding met zijn eigen energetische multi-dimensionaliteit is uniek en zal ook jouw ziel uitnodigen om hierin te expanderen.”

Rianne Manten
(Role: Teacher Bridgeman Academy)

About me

About me

My name is Richard. Born in the Netherlands and blessed as a father. I love exploring, traveling, adventure, energy - & healing work and the unknown. As well as stargazing, sunsets and immersing myself in oceans, power places, mountains and wild nature. I value my alone time for quiteness and inner explorations. And also appreciate in-depth connections with people who share similar interests, intimate connections; and spending time with my son. 

I thoroughly enjoy the magic that can occur from trust, presence and surrender. Whether by myself; through sessions; in connection with others; or at certain locations, for the good of all. You can read more about my background by clicking the button below.

Practical Info


Locations from where I operate:

  • Live in Friesland, the Netherlands.

  • Online (Zoom).

  • Live in Castricum, the Netherlands (30 min drive from Amsterdam). 


  • Dutch (native speaker)

  • English


© Inner Explorations, 2022. All pictures and texts on this website were respectively taken and written personally. When using quotes, quotation marks and references were applied.

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